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Eyenimal Intelligent Pet Bowl

Eyenimal Intelligent Pet Bowl

Wondering how to maximise the bag of pet food and give the correct measurements to your dog or cat? 


It has 3 modes of measurement, grams, mls, and ounces. Can measure food, milk or water up to 5kg. Removable stainless bowl for easy cleaning.


Eyenimal Intelligent Pet Bowl

Ivory Coat Australian Made Dog Food

Are you looking for an Australian Made and Owned dog food, that uses great Australian Farm Produce? 



Whats important to you?


 Wheat Free? Corn Free? Soy Free?



Eyenimal Intelligent Pet Bowl


Is your dog anxious, stressed or scared of loud noises? 


Adaptil may assist in the following situations....

Seperation anxiety, being home alone, loud noises, fireworks, trips to the groomer, travel sickness & socialisation. 

Available in a convenient collar or diffuser to use in the home.