Cooling Pet Mat Large 90 x 50cm

Cooling mat

Cool Pad-Large

Cool pads are a handy item to have in summer to help keep your pet cool and aid in absorbing body heat. The Cool Pad can be placed on the ground, in the kennel, crates, in the back of the car for travelling, or on their bedding including trampoline bed. Can be particularly useful for pets recovering from surgery, senior pets and pets with hip dysplasia.


Amaroo Pet Fact: No refrigeration needed


Cool Pad

*Keeps your pet cool

*Safe and non-toxic


*Suitable for dog’s cats and small animals

*Light weight


Amaroo Pet Handy Hint: Can be pulled out for your dog to lay on after a long walk.


Instructions: To clean wipe over with a soft sponge and lay mat flat to dry


Available in sizes Medium, Large, XLarge


Medium: 65cm x 50cm
Large: 90cm x 50cm
XLarge: 96cm x 81cm



Safety concerns info:

* Do not machine wash
* Do not hang to dry or expose to direct sunlight