Advantix Dog Over 25Kg Blue 6 Pack


Expiry - 31/10/17

Advantix- Flea and Tick Treatment

For Dogs over 25kg

Fleas and ticks are found all year round, they infect our dogs, our backyards and our homes. They have the potential to be life threatening to our dogs. Advantix Flea and Tick treatment combats this with an easy to use Spot-on treatment that is applied monthly for fleas and ticks and fortnightly for paralysis ticks; easy for pets that are difficult to give tablets to and safe for puppies from 7 weeks of age.

Amaroo Pet Fact: There are anti-inflammatory and anaesthetic compounds in the saliva of hard ticks that make it less likely for their host {your dog} to notice that they’ve been bitten.



* Monthly spot-on treatments for fleas and ticks

* Repels biting insects like mosquitos and sandflies

* Stops fleas biting within 3 to 5 minutes

* Kills Adult fleas and larvae in 20 minutes

* Reduces outbreaks of Flea Allergy Dermatitis

* Safe for use in pregnant and lactating dogs

* Safe for puppies from seven weeks and older.


Amaroo Pet Handy Hint: Don’t forget ( those in high risk Paralysis Tick areas) to apply Advantix fortnightly.


Dosage and Administration: To apply; hold Spot-on tube upright, remove the cap, reverse the cap and push back on tube. Twist to break the seal. Then remove the cap and apply contents between the shoulder blades for dogs under 25kg. Dogs over 25kg can have the Spot-on applied between shoulder blades, on the midline of the back, between hips and one point in between.

Recommended dosage for very large dogs over 50kg body weight; apply two tubes (over 25kg)

Available in three month and six-month pack sizes

For Dogs over 25kg


General Info:


* For Dog and cat shared homes, ensure product is dry before allowing the pets to be within contact. (48 hours)

* To prevent the likelihood of repeat flea and tick infestations, treat all dogs and cats with an approved flea and tick treatment. 

* Water resistant when applied to a dog washed in soap-free shampoo.

* Do not apply to a wet or damp dog.

* Safe for use in pregnant and lactating dogs



 For more information, visit,  or contact your local veterinarian

Bayer Customer Information Line 1800 678 368