Nerf Stomper


Nerf Launcher/Stomper

Nerf Launcher/Stomper takes throwing a ball for your dog to a whole new level. Whether down the beach, in the park, or the backyard this durable ball launcher is fun for all the family


Amaroo Pet Fact: Dogs remain the most popular type of pet with almost two in five households (3.6 million) owning a dog in Australia.



*Great fun for you and your dog!


* Launches up to 75FT or 23 metres

*Tennis Ball included

*Encourages active play


Amaroo Pet Handy Hint: Will fit a normal size tennis ball


Also available is the Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster


Dimensions: L 22cm x  W 25cm approx


  1. Position the STOMPER on a stable, flat surface.
  2. Be sure to face the launch opening away from yourself, others and pets.
  3. Insert the ball firmly into the launch opening. For best results, push the ball completely down into the bottom of the launch opening.
  4. The STOMPER is designed to launch the ball up to 75 feet. Check that the area in front of the STOMPER is clear of any people or animals before launching the ball. Be sure your pet and any bystanders are behind you and clear of the ball trajectory before launching.
  5. After checking that the launch path is clear, step or stomp on the centre of the stomper rear hollow body with a strong, quick motion to launch the ball. To achieve maximum launching distance, cover as much of the stomping area with your foot as possible. Only stomp on the rear hollow body of the stomper, and not the neck of the launch opening. Stomping on the neck may damage the product.



Safety concerns info:

* For pet use only

*not for use in children under the age of three

*Read warnings for full safety issues and concerns with this product before operating.


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